Success Stories

Lawrence's Success Story

During his first mock interview with Regency Career Consulting, Lawrence shared that, although he had been invited to a number of  interviews, he was having trouble landing a  job. After conducting a mock-interview, we were able to identify the key areas in which he most needed improvement. His handshake was in need of some fine tuning, and he seemed to focus consistently on his family's financial hardships and only negative experiences with past employers.

To prepare Lawrence for his next interview, Regency worked with him on four areas: 

1. Delivering a firm but not too firm handshake;

2. Being positive about the interview and his current position – what the current position has brought to him in terms of experience and skills;

3. Stopping himself from sharing too much about his personal life, unless it is critical and pertinent to the interview while accurately and ethically representing himself;

4. Responding to questions by staying on topic and simultaneously showcasing specific examples of success.

At his next interview, Lawrence was able to utilize the skills we had worked on together, and focus solely on the opportunity at hand and all the positive ways he could influence the company.  As he was leaving the interview, he got a call back from the company that the senior partners would like to meet with him. That same day he not only got the job offer, but a significant salary increase along with benefits. 

It is amazing how a few changes can make the greatest difference! Lawrence was grateful for the time and effort spent preparing him for the interview and the new outlook he took with him in his new career.

It was a pleasure working with you, Lawrence!