Professional Letters


Networking Letters

Many positions are not advertised. Those that are advertised frequently are filled by candidates with some relationship to the hiring employer. 

Uncovering positions through networking gives you the edge over those applying for the job without ever having met the person interviewing them.  As they say,  "It's not what you know, it's who you know."

A networking letter will help you introduce yourself to those within and outside your network, uncover job opportunities, and build a unique connection between you and your interviewer. 

cover letter

Cover Letters

A cover letter introduces you to the company - often it's your first introduction.  It's critical to get it right! 

Did you know that many companies throw out resumes that fail to include a cover letter?

Making sure the content, tone and formatting is on par for the position and representing you in the best light possible is one aspect of job preparation that is often overlooked.  We will help you ensure your cover letter speaks volumes about you in the right language for the prospective employer.


Thank you Letters

Sending a thank you note sets you apart from the rest. It's that simple. A thank you letter shows your level of interest and follow through to the perspective employer. 


We know how to write thank yous! We will assist you to create a thank you letter that covers all relevant points and speaks directly to the employer. A thank you letter could be the difference between getting the job and coming in a close second!

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