At Regency Career Consulting, we support Executives, College Students and Grads, and Professionals in their career exploration and transitions. If you are ready for your first job or a transition to another career path, we can help prepare you with the right resources and tools.
Put your mind at ease by calling a professional to help you through the career process. You're not alone! Career Consulting in West Palm Beach Career Consulting in Fort Lauderdale Career Consulting in Boca Raton

An expert in helping job seekers with their career and job search, Regency Career Consulting gives you the confidence 

needed to get the job offers you dream of. We help clients answer that question you’ve been asking 

since you were 7 years old, “What do I want to be when I grow up?”

Our services will help you:

  • Evaluate your career path
  • Identify your ideal job or a new career
  • Create an actionable strategy to move into the ideal job
  • Develop your personal brand reflected in your resumé, professional letters, and online profiles
  • Prepare for interviews and negotiations
  • Gain the confidence you deserve to achieve your career goals

Together, we will find the right career choices and create real positive change in your life.


In life, we often face momentous decisions – either due to voluntary changes in our perspective of the world or due to involuntary changes in the environment around us. Whether you’re bored with your current career or you’ve been laid off due to downsizing, we can work diligently with you to define what your future goals are and create an actionable strategy to achieve them.


Together, we will find the right career choices and create real positive change in your life.

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