Interviewing Techniques

Mock Interviews


Mock interviews creates more confidence in you! Get comfortable in an interview setting and discover ways in which you can improve your interview skills. By practicing and identifying strengths and weaknesses, you can ultimately find success. 

We will work with you in all phases of the interview process so that you can portray yourself in the best possible light to an employer, including body posture, facial expressions, and, of course, dressing for success.

Salary Negotiation

Before you begin salary negotiations with an employer, you must find out both how much the job typically pays and how much your skills and experience influence your value to the employer. Don't worry - they chose you out of all the candidates - so you're worth plenty to them!


Often, we find it difficult to demand a specific amount, either because we don't feel like we're worthy of the position or because we simply fear failing. We will help you understand why your demand is not unreasonable given the position and your experience. You'll walk into the negotiation with the needed confidence!


Researching salaries and building confidence aren't the only helpful tools in salary negotiation. The negotiation itself is essential in determining the base at which you start this new career path. Let us assist you in creating a plan to negotiate a salary and benefits package that’s in line with your market and your needs. 

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